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Kisah - Pengalamanku Melahirkan di Negeri Paman Sam

Oleh: Eka Ayu 21 July 2011


Jamsosindonesia.com_Eleven years ago I came to United States with my husband as a newlywed. We planned to continued our study and hopefully able to do work-study before we went back to Indonesia. I was pregnant at that time. I came in November and the weather was so harsh. We are not used to it. It was fall season, snowed, cold and wet at the same time.

I clearly remember when we first register at one college in Seattle. The advisor that helped us was very helpful. She knew that I was pregnant and told me to sign up for insurance. At that time, I thought why should I? I have to pay another $169.00/month for what? Back home I don’t even need to have insurance. If I was sick, I called my dad and ask him to give me a ride to the doctor; I don’t even need an appointment. But I said yes anyway. And start paying the dues every month.

At first, she gave me a rather lengthy form to be completed. First form was personal information. Second one was your health history; third one was my spouse health history then last was my family and his family health history. Then my supervisor submitted to the insurance agency that was contracted with the college at that time. Before long, the insurance agency sent me the insurance card. This card is proof to the third party (hospital or doctor’s appointment) that I had an insurance to cover the bill.

The insurance agency sent me a booklet of information that was very helpful in choosing my main provider. Each provider within the agency network has different coverage, for example Provider A will cover the hospital visit and stay but Provider B will not consider hospital stay to be cover but it can be done if client pay the expense out of their pocket.

I choose the provider that give me coverage for my doctor visit and my hospital too since I was pregnant. Every month I received bill from the insurance agency and I paid it through my school.

On November 27, it was a Sunday morning, I feel the contraction on my stomach, I though oh...this is it. I took a bath, I prepared my bag and I woke my husband up to drive me to the hospital. We both were very excited. I got my bag of clothes, my doctor’s paperwork and off course my insurance card.

We got to the hospital at 9:00am; the nurse and the doctor were ready and put me in a big room. I don’t have to register or do paperwork like you use to do back in Indonesia. A few hours later my first son was born. We were ecstatic!! Because of some complication my son and I need to stay in the hospital for a day. The next day, a nurse came to my room and asked me about my insurance. Then she referred me to DSHS Medical Coupon. I did not know what it meant but I said yes and registered.

I am on DSHS Medical coupon for almost 5 years. It really helped me with the costs and prescriptions. Without health insurance, the out of pocket expenses is unbelievably high. That is one of President Obama's goals to make sure every American are covered.


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