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Kisah - Letter From Uncle Sam’s Country - Importance of having a health insurance for my family

Oleh: Eka Ayu 22 August 2011

Health insurance costs cause some  families to question its importance. The high costs force some families to take  the risk of going without insurance. For a healthy family, buying health  insurance seems like a waste of money until an accident occurs and you actually  need it. The advantages of having health insurance extend beyond simply covering  part of your medical costs. Here are some reasons why it is important to me to have health insurance :

A. Health Insurance Basics

As a health insurance policy owner, I pays premiums each month to have the  coverage. Each plan is different in exactly what it covers and how many of the  various medical procedures it covers. Group insurance plans through an employer  typically offer the best coverage for the money. Individual plans and health  savings accounts, or HSAs, offer alternatives for those who don't have access to  a employer group plan.

B. Financial Protection

Health care insurance protects my financial interests, particularly in the  case of a major accident or severe medical problem. Especially I am a young family with two young children. My children still need their regular check-ups, up-to- date on their immunizations, yearly flu shots, and off course other emergency events that I can't control. Hospital stays, medication  and other associated medical expenses add up quickly. While I likely have to  pay a portion of the expenses, the health insurance coverage typically caps my  out-of-pocket expenses and covers the rest of the medical costs up to the  maximum payout amount. A major medical catastrophe holds the potential to eat up  any savings that I have and could lead to bankruptcy if the costs are too high.

C. Medical Care

Health insurance offers me an access to quality health care. A doctor's office  may require health insurance or payment in full at the time of the appointment  in order to see me or member of my family. Those who can't afford health insurance can't likely afford  to pay for all medical services performed that day. An insurance policy gives  me the freedom to see the doctor without the pressure of coming up with the  money upfront.

D. Health

Those with health care coverage have better access to preventative care,  which helps me and my family stay healthier. Regular preventative checkups allow my doctor  to identify potential health problems that could lead to more serious health  issues. Doctors offer advice on healthy  lifestyle choices. They provide guidance for me as parents to keep my children  healthy. Many health insurance plans also offer access to health advice and  tools. Some companies offer wellness incentive programs that help policy holders  make healthy lifestyle changes such as losing  weight, lowering cholesterol or stopping smoking. Those without insurance  are less likely to schedule preventative appointments which may lead to more  severe health problems.

E. Security

Major medical expenses are typically unexpected events such as a car  accident, an unplanned pregnancy or a diagnosis of a serious illness. Health  insurance offers a comforting security for my family before and after such an  event. Knowing that we have coverage in case of an unexpected medical situation  eases our mind.


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Letter From Uncle Sam’s Country - Importance of having a health insurance for my family
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