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Purchasing to improve health systems performance

Penulis Josep Figueras, Ray Robinson & Elke Jakubowski

Bahasa Inggris

Penerbit Open University Press

Edisi -

Tahun 2005

Kota Penerbit New York

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ISBN ISBN 0 335 21368 5

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Dimensi - cm

Jumlah Hal. 322 Halaman


Purchasing has a central role in many health system reforms, but there is very little evidence about its development or its real impact on societal objectives. This book addresses this gap and provides:

  • a comprehensive account of the theory and practice of purchasing for health services in Europe,
  • an up-to-date analysis of the evidence on different approaches to purchasing,
  • support for policy-makers and practitioners so they can formulate purchasing strategies that increase effectiveness and improve performance, and
  • an assessment of the intersecting roles of citizens, governments and providers.

This book is essential reading for health policy-makers, planners and managers, as well as researchers and students in health studies.


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